pro·bi·ty /ˈprōbitē/

n. [from Latin probitas: good, proper, honest.] adherence to the highest principles, ideals and character.

Probitas Partners is an independent, global placement advisory firm that partners exclusively with leading managers of alternative investment products seeking to raise capital from sophisticated institutional investors.

Our singular business focus allows us to successfully achieve capital raise goals for our investment manager clients through a range of market environments. Our institutional investor clients have enjoyed exposure to over $115 billion of private equity, credit, real estate, infrastructure, venture capital and special situations fund products.

We are committed to delivering exceptional value while serving our clients.

Our Strengths:


Founded in 2001, Probitas Partners is distinguished by its long history of successfully executing fundraising mandates ranging from established funds to niche strategies and top-tier emerging managers. This experience enables us to raise expeditiously significant pools of capital for our fund sponsor clients, typically at or in excess of fundraising targets.


We maintain meaningful relationships with the most active and influential global alternative investors, often spanning multiple investment cycles.

Our relationships afford our clients access to perspectives that are unique in both the depth of insight and global reach. Time and again, this access has proven to be a distinct competitive advantage in the fundraising process and essential to designing a successful fundraising strategy.


Probitas Partners seeks to work with a select number of investment managers to provide proper focus on the fundraises. This selectivity also demonstrates our conviction to the institutional investors with whom we have relationships. Importantly, we will only work on one fundraise within a market segment at a time.

Global Reach

With offices in San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong and London, we have global capabilities to attract a diversified group of leading institutional investors. The breadth and depth of coverage, managed professionally with superior execution, has allowed our clients to achieve their fundraising goals.


We have had the privilege of working with over 158 managers in raising $115 billion in capital. This includes a mix of emerging as well as established investment managers. Many of the investment managers with whom we have worked have partnered with us multiple times over the years.