Probitas Funds Group, LLC (PFG) offers securities in private placement partnerships to institutional investors. PFG offers these services along with its affiliate entities PFG-UK Ltd, and Probitas Hong Kong Limited, collectively known as Probitas Partners. To properly focus on our investor and fund sponsor clients and to demonstrate our strength, discipline and conviction of market selection, we choose to work with only a select number of assignments at a time.

We Provide Fund Sponsors


Relationships with qualified key decision makers


Over $109 billion closed for 155 Funds


Senior team averages 28 years of experience

Global Distribution

North America, Europe, Asia and Middle East


We use a proven, disciplined, high-touch process to drive success for our clients.

Market Assessment

We constantly assess prospective market trends and opportunities, and couple that with real time feedback from our global institutional investor clients to determine targeted investment demand. Ultimately, we select those fund sponsors across sectors and geographies that represent the best performance prospects for investors based on strategy, team and favorable market opportunities.

Understanding Your Business

  • Our team members have been active participants in the alternative investment market for most of their careers as agents, consultants and principal investors.
  • We drive the process to get you quickly through the market and back to investing.
  • As a partner, beyond capital raising, we can assist and advise you on team building, deal sourcing, firm administration and industry contacts—all to best position your franchise for future success.

Comprehensive Capital Raising Services

  • Define and articulate your story to enhance acceptance in the market. Often, this includes a ground up construction of track record, strategy, team view on market, and skills to capitalize on opportunities.
  • Assess market demand through our global relationship management team.
  • Advise on terms, fund size and other structural topics.
  • Extensive pre-marketing preparations result in market ready collateral, including an offering memorandum, presentation book, due diligence book, data room and other supporting materials.
  • Introductions, meeting logistics and ongoing dialogue with prospective investors.
  • Management of ongoing diligence requests.
  • Narrowing demand targets and “knowing where not to go” to efficiently create fundraising efficiency and save you time.

Quality Global Capital Relationships

We identify, develop and maintain relationships with the most active and influential institutional and ultra high net worth investors from around the world.


The benefits of partnering with Probitas Partners for a successful fundraise include:

  • We get results
  • Direct, impactful advice
  • Recent, relevant experience successfully navigating the market
  • Strategic insight, planning, and efficient execution
  • Independent perspective and knowledge
  • Knowledge of terms and regulatory requirements